Telecom Solutions

Telecom & IT solutions – Development, Implementation & Maintenance

–  Reduction of cost for telecom services

–  Optimization of quality (capacity) of Telecom services

–  Optimization of efficiency from Telecom & IT services (cost & result)

–  Increase of efficiency from used Telecom & IT equipment

–  Optimization of Administrative Activities

Delivery, Configuration and Support of:

–  Optical infrastructure (main and additional external infrastructure)

–  Copper infrastructure (building of structure cabling and internal networks)

–  Telecommunication equipment (routers, switches, PBXs, servers, etc.)

–  Data bases (locally based, remote and cloud located)

–  Leased lines (local, intercity and international VPNs)

–  End client equipment (fixed and mobile electronic devices)

–  Guaranteed symmetric Internet (International & Bulgarian capacity)

–  Voice services (fixed and mobile)

–  Systems for video survey

–  GPS control (Systems for global positioning of automobiles and equipment

…and moreover: integration of all products and solutions in a single and combined solution

Development of effective technical solutions (stages):         

–  Technological audit

–  Definition of customer needs

–  Recommendation for reliable and cost efficient solution

–  Entire project implementation

–  Support of the solution