Increase of revenue (Sales income)

-        Interactive systems for Influence upon Sales Process

-        Sales teams – Recruitment, Training (sales practices, strategy, and tactics of the deal, scripts for commercial communication), Incentive systems, Organization & Control.

-        Results - Analysis of the results from the commercial training, Practical integration of Sales approaches, Benefits from the practical implementation of sales methods (achieved results).


Our tactical activity is concentrated in the following directions:

-        Tactical activity for maximization of the count of sales deals (scripts for effective communication & offering styles)

-        Tactical activity for income maximization of average closed sales deal

-        (Efficiency of the deal)  – Planning, Control and Analysis of commercial KPIs (ROI & Gross Margin).

-        Organization of  commercial contracts – definition of parameters of the deal in the contract


Customer Retention (Aftersales service)

Integration of effective aftersales support and retention tactics as follows:

-        Tactical activity for customer retention

-        Generation of retention proposals and offers

-        Parameters of a retention deal